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Check out this site. It says for Indonesian passport holders you can get the Shenzhen VoA if you have a previously released and used full China visa in your passport. I can concur that getting VOA for Shenzhen is extremely swift and easy at Lowu MTR train station. I just visited Shenzhen on 27 Sept 2013 with an Indonesian passport. Just after exiting immigration from Hong Kong at Lowu, cross the bridge and follow the sign to find the visa office upstairs using the escalator. Fill out the application form outside the office, take the queue number, submit your passport and the application form, pay the application fee if you are granted a visa (I paid RMB 168), wait your visa to be published, gather your visa within the next counter-top, and get right down to the immigration counter-top. Don’t forget to fill the immigration credit card to get into China just outside the immigration counter. How long all the processes take depends on how many people need a visa at the same time with you. In my case, less than 20 people in the visa office, so it only took a quarter-hour in total.

You need to leave Shenzhen prior to the five times are up absolutely. This sort of visa can’t be extended, and if you overstay the visa you will find yourself face to face with China’s Public Security Bureau and facing a hefty fine. You do not have to return to Hong Kong at the end of the visa, but you cannot travel further into China unless you have a valid Chinese Visa.

Today, I would like to talk about the fact that we have not had much focus on a subject – the way the language impacts our thought process and thinking, in layman’s terms, that is, people who speak English and Chinese people, Angle and expression of the real way there is a big difference, which is very interesting to comprehend, but help us to raised professional a Spanish also.

In addition to the 5-day Shenzhen visa which you can obtain at the border, you can get a visa at Chinese Foreign Ministry consular office in Wanchai (ignore the notice on the website about applying in your own country – this was put there before the 2008 Olympics when China temporarily tightened up visa requirements but has never been removed – you can once again apply there); Standard service is 4 days but you can pay extra for a faster service.

Reports here over the past year (and there are several) indicate that Indian passport holders MUST apply for a Chinese visa in India unless they have been to China previously. This appears to be the situation for Indian passport holders since the 2008 Olympics and there does not appear to be any evidence that it will change or improve in the foreseeable future.

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