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What Is Mildronate (meldonium)

Mildronate (meldonium) – it is a structural precursor of carnitine – gamma butyro betaine  (GBB) analogue.
Gamma Butyrobetaineare encountered in every body cell. In ischemia, Mildronate dilates blood vessels, activates the anaerobic glycolysis, stimulate ATP production and transportation, restores the balance between oxygen entry into the cell and its consumption and thus protects cells from damage. Mildronate has cardio protective effects. In the case of the chronic congestive heart, failure medicine increases myocardial contractility, helps the body to maintain physical activity and helps you quickly prepare for the new pile.
Mildronate is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders as a performance enhancing (doping) substance. more about Mildronate

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Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam 10 100mg pills

Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam 10 100mg pills
220px-PhenotropilOriginal made in russia Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam    10 100mg pills Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam   Carphedon Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam    is an powerful Nootropic and it is Piracetam molecule with Phenyl molecule which makes the crossing of the bbb blood brain barrier 30 to 60 times more efficient than the original Piracetam this medicine was developed in the USSR in the 80’s and was and still used to treat various mental fogginess, conditions including ADHD . the pills are also used as cognitive enhancers and mental stamina boosters among, Athletes, Chess players, Special army forces and is very common to use as energy booster drugs among the Russian and East European society  and is very popular among students

The maximum daily dosage is 750mg defined by the manufacturer , for healthy people 100mg will show effect immediately after one hour with higher motivation and energy levels .for people with chronic lack of motivation and ability to perform daily tasks the dosage can be increased a day after day 50-100 mg higher every day until they reach optimal dosage.

The medicine Phenotropil Phenylpiracetam has very low rate of side effects and is relatively very safe to use for the short term. for long term always may cause some effect on the liver.

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