experience, risk tolerance and other factors. The chief executive of IG Markets, Tamas Szabo, said it was unlikely his business would be 100 per cent hedged, because some clients’ trades would be set off against each other, creating what is known as a ‘natural hedge’. He said his business profiled clients to the extent high net worth clients were identified, but he denied IG Markets deliberately set hedging policies to profit from customer losses. ‘Quite frankly, it’s unethical. No company should aim to see clients lose money to their the company’s advantage,’ he said. CFD allows you to trade on margin, and also to go short and long (sell/buy) based on your belief of how the market will react. It can be a more tax efficient vehicle than traditional trading, and it makes a nice hedge for an existing, physical portfolio. Remember that holding fees and market data fees may be applicable to CFD trading transactions, alongside the commission due to your broker. A commission is usually charged both on the buying and

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